Tomb Raider Anniversary

Choose the course of your own adventure that is reminiscent of the game's past versions

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The Tomb Raider: Anniversary Demo lets you try out Crystal Dynamics's reboot of the original Lara Craft adventure before you buy it.

Originally released in 2007, this edition to the Tomb Raider franchise revisits the first Lara Croft adventure and presents it with modern game design and graphics. For this ten-year commemoration, Crystal Dynamics employed an improved edition of the game engine they used for Tomb Raider: Legend to deliver expansive environments, exciting combat, and a fast pace that will keep you playing to the end.

You assume the role of Lara in the third-person quest to find the Scion artifact, which will take you to different settings around the world. Hired by an underworld syndicate, Lara must discover where an ancient artifact is hidden and deliver it to her employers. The task takes her into dark tombs and ancient places that have lain forgotten for centuries. As she explores these forbidding locales, she awakens the guardians that lurk in them.

Lara Croft has become one of the most famous of gaming heroines over the years, and for good reason. The adventures she takes you on challenge both your wits and your reflexes, creating a gaming experience that suits both puzzle-solvers and arcade-action addicts. You'll take her on quests of rediscovery as you explore lands that are lost to the mists of time and filled with mysteries to solve. As you make your way through the adventure, you'll discover new worlds and win unique rewards as you learn about Lara's past.

There will be plenty of excitement as you face adversaries that range from wild animals to supernatural monsters. Crocodiles, wolves, and bears are just the beginning of the gauntlet Lara will have to run as she searches for the artifact. You might even encounter a dinosaur along the way.

Crystal Dynamics created a game engine for Tomb Raider: Anniversary that provides smooth controls for Lara, complete with a new set of combat moves and gear to use. The adventure settings mirror those of the original story: Egypt, Greece, and South America. They also created a dynamic plot that makes multiple play-throughs entertaining by allowing the player to follow several different paths through the game. The enemy AI has also been improved to make combat both more realistic and challenging for veteran Tomb Raider fans.


  • Exciting return to where the franchise began
  • Improved game controls


  • This is a limited demo of the full game

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